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Sports X Radio evolved from Sports Executives shows that Ken Thomson and Chuck Edel had done together for 10 years. Stella Belden, Ken Thomson and Chuck Edel officially became Sports X Radio, LLC in June of 2011. Later, Chuck chose to be a part-time co-host with Ken, leaving Stella and Ken as the managing partners of the LLC.

Ken Thomson, Host of Sports X Radio, is a veteran sportscaster of more than 25 years and has become a trusted authority due to his expertise in all major sports. He provides versatility with his extensive knowledge and memory and Ken covers it all.

With Ken’s strong background in play by play in baseball, basketball and football, the transition to sports talk radio was easy. Ken’s first sports casting job was in the US Navy, aboard an Aircraft Carrier ( USS Ranger CV 61 ). With 5,500 sailors on board and no internet back in the eighties, “I was the only guy with the scores when out at sea, thousands of miles away from the states.”

Ken also worked in the NCAA college basketball world, calling games for UC Riverside and Long Beach State. He has hosted sports talk radio shows throughout the country and remains well connected to NCAA teams. Ken also knows many college coaches and broadcasters for over 50 universities nationwide.

Our Friday night shows are my favorites. My partner for over seven years, Chuck Edel and I, break down all the games for the weekend. Football season is the best and somehow we are able to touch on every game, both College & Pro in scheduling order. With the show originating in Vegas, I try to blend top line interviews and sports information with a slight dash of Las Vegas line flavor.”

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John Campenello

I am really looking forward to seeing the show on video. I listen to the show every day for updates and it will be nice to see the guests.


Robert D. Foust

Now the show will really come to life as it appears now will be appearing on video. We are excited to see you in action action Ken. Way to go... Video makes it more interesting and exciting and more so when guest arrive in Vegas! I feel a trip coming!!!


Jimmy B. Allen

I want to see the studio! Is it photoshop or is it amazing? I guess with this new streaming technology, we all will be seeing the life in Vegas now! Way to go!


Lorraine L. Keys

We wish you great success on your new broadcast on this video channel and we look forward to watching! Break a leg Ken!


William M. Huggard

Finally I can see what the scoreboard and other items look like in that studio. Can't wait to see you live Ken! We will be watching.


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